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PISOPro - Free

(Piso Protect - For Pisonet Operation)

PisoPro FreewareHaving problem with high operation cost? Have you experienced of having high electric bill and maintenace cost but low income?

PISOPro monitors your pisonet operation, it can be set to kill processes and shutdown your computer for a valid specified time and you donít even need an extra helper to take care your system from being running without insert coins. With PISOPro you donít have to worries about abusive end-user that take advantage on downloading or listening music or youtube buffering even they donít insert enough coin. Let PISOPro control all that and stop you from paying high electricity bill and computer maintenance.


NanoGuard (soon)

PISOPrem (soon)

NanoGuard protects and guard your computer from unwanted users.

Let your USB thumb drive be your key of protecting your computer. NanoGuard Locks, prevents other users to access your computer, it also can kill processes and shutdown your computer if your key (usb) removed for a certain time.

Like PISOPro, it monitors your pisonet operation on steroids.

It is basicaly PRISOPro with more added benifits on Operator side (financial and other business matter), it also offers online monitoring and other secutiry features.